Hi, my name is Emir. I’m the guy behind CARTO-WHAT?

CARTO-WHAT? is a website dedicated to publish my cartography portfolio (in a simple word: maps). However, if you expect web maps or interactive maps, you should look somewhere else. CARTO-WHAT? provides static maps with interesting (sometimes extreme) cartographic design to satisfy your visual sense. All maps created with free and open datasets, typically with Open Database License (ODbL) and Public Domain. You are able to download in a high-res format for free for your own use (e.g. desktop wallpapers, posters, etc.); however, if you want to monetise, you oblige to reach me first (see my email below). 

If you like what I’m currently doing, feel free to buy me a cup of coffee 🙂

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Email: emir.hartato(at)gmail(dot)com

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